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Maintenance Wood Door Automatic Card Rea

Continued Maintenance and Upgrades, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC

What We Do

We service and install automatic door systems, door electronics

and associated door hardware. 

"If your door isn't working for you, the choice is Simple!"

We stand by our work, solving of the most complicated door related issues that our customers face.

If you have an issue that just hasn't been solved, we make it simple. 

Scraping Door Horton Abbotsford Door

Sliding Door Retrofit Upgrade, Abbotsford Regional Hospital 

For Repairs

We're Here for You

Whether it's cold air pouring in, or just the end of a long day. A door that won't work can be big problem really quickly.

The first priority is to resolve the issue. 

We offer service 8:00 am to 4:30 pm weekdays!

Handicap Door New Business

Automatic Door Replacement at CoWorks, Langley, BC 

For Maintenance


Tailored to Your Doors
There are two approaches to maintenance.
Observe wear and treat symptomatically as
issues arise.
Proactive maintenance, addressing issues early before they become problems. 
For the majority of our customers the two go hand in hand. Depending on the application we can recommend an approach that would best serve your doors. 

Mosaic Offices Accessibility Upgrades, Vancouver, BC  

For Installations



Making a Good First Impression!

Regardless of what Door products you choose to install, choose Simple Door for straightforward dependable quality in all installations. We ensure that all our work is easily serviceable to save you money and headache in the future.

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